Northern Gauteng Precision Sport Shooting Association

"The Home of Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting in Northern Gauteng"

We host two official and one 'fun' air rifle class at our competitions.

In the air rifle Light Varmint (ARLV) class the power of the air rifle is limited to 12ft lbs. The overall weight limit of the rifle is 4,762kg (10,5lbs) with no scope magnification limit (although sometimes seeing less is better). The maximum stock width at the fore-end is 3''. During a match you will be required to shoot 25 scoring diagrams, one shot each within a time limit of 20 minutes at 25m. During the 20 minutes you may shoot as many sighting shots as needed providing it is within the time limit and designated sighting area on the target. The most popular air rifles in this class is the Air Arms S400 & EV, Walther and the Steyr LG110.



The air rifle Heavy Varmint (ARHV) power is limited to 20ft lbs and the overall weight limit is restricted to 6,803kg (15lbs). There is also no limit on the scope magnification but as with LV the maximum stock width is 3". The most popular rifle in this class is Steyr, Rapid and Theoben. You may also use your LV rifle in the HV class. The target and course of fire is the same as with the LV class.


Just for the fun we host a 50m Air Rifle Grouping (ARGRP) class, and as this is for fun the only rules is that it needs to be an air rifle. You are required to shoot 5 diagrams with 5 shots per diagram for grouping. At 50m this can be quite challenging but a lot of fun!

For rimfire we have three official classes and one 'fun' class.

The rimfire International Sporter (RFIS) class is an extremely difficult class to compete in. The overall weight restriction of the rifle is 3,855kg (8,5lbs) but what makes it tough is the 6,5x scope magnification limit. It is further limited to a maximum stock width of 2,25". The time limit for shooting in this class is 20 minutes to fire 25 scoring shots and as many sighting shots as needed, and this is done at 50m. You may however choose to compete in this class with any 'shelf' rifle providing it meets the weight and stock width restriction.


In the rimfire Light Varmint (RFLV) class there is luckily no such thing as a scope magnification limit. The stock width is limited to 3'' and the overall weight to 4,762kg (10,5lbs). In this class most shooters use a Anschutz 'school' rifle modified with a proper benchrest stock to make the weight limit. Any other .22LR rimfire rifle may be used provided it conforms with the weight limit and stock width restriction.


The rimfire Heavy Varmint (RFHV) class is basically the same as the LV class with the exception of the overall weight limit which is restricted to 6.803kg (15lbs). As you have a bit more weight allowance many of the shooters use a barrel tuner to optimize performance and ammunition consistency. You may however use your Int. Sporter or LV gun to compete in this class. Most competitors use 'more advanced' ammunition in rimfire benchrest. To be able to consistently compete with the top guys you will need the proper ammunition (Lapua / SK / Eley / RWS).


For the fun we host a rimfire Club Sporter (RFCS) class at 25m to attract young, old and new. Basic rules for this class is a weight limit of 3.855kg (8,5lbs) maximum scope magnification of 12x and the rifle must be a STANDARD shelf rifle. You will be required to shoot 25 scoring diagrams within 20 minutes, you shoot as many sighting shots as needed during the match.


At all NGPSSA competitions we use an electronic scoring system (Truescore). After a relay is shot the targets will be removed by the target crew and is then brought to the scoring office. The scorers will scan each target. After all scanning is completed the targets is scored with Truescore on a compatible laptop. Scores is then exported to a spreadsheet with a recording of each diagram's score.